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Fiven has been certified with the ecovadis silver medal for sustainability

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG)

Fiven is committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for current and future industries. While shaping these industries, we recognize the key role we play in improving the impact we have on the surrounding societies.

We are determined to limit all adverse effects of our activities on the environment, people, and communities. We thereby go one step further and focus on driving positive change across our value chain by offering our customers premium products that enable them to improve their own impact.

Our primary objective is to minimize environmental impact while generating meaningful social outcomes. We go further than reducing our carbon footprint: we also take a proactive approach to positively influence our employees, communities, and the planet. We want to leave behind a positive mark for future generations to prosper.

Falk Ast
CEO Fiven Group

Our ESG Strategy

Our commitment to sustainability

2020 - CSR

We lay the foundation of our sustainability commitment by establishing a sustainability approach. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy covers good practices in 5 domains: Social, Health and Safety, Business Ethics, Local Anchorage, and Environment.

2021 - SLB

We enter the Sustainability-Linked Bond (SLB) Framework and integrate our environmental targets into our financing strategy. This gives us the strongest possible incentive to achieve our goals and become a sustainability leader in our industry.

2022 - ESG

We review our sustainability approach and transform it into a strategy with global targets across Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). We link indicators to each target to track our progress. Through this strategy, we aim to leave behind a positive handprint for future generations to prosper.

2023 - ESG

We clarify our communication on our ESG strategy and confirm our goal to leave a positive handprint in becoming Net-Zero company that cultivates a safe, positive, and inclusive working environment and upholds strong business ethics while fostering local anchorage across the world.

Our contribution to the SDGs

In 2015, the UN defined 17 SDGs, a set of goals for governments, businesses and citizens to build a more sustainable future together.

At Fiven, we take up our responsibility to contribute to these goals, and make a positive impact for our employees, communities, the planet and society.

Since the start of our sustainability journey, the SDGs have served as a powerful source of inspiration. Through our ESG strategy, we aim to contribute to six key SDGs.


We work hard to protect our planet and its natural resources. We do so by limiting the impact of our production processes on the environment.

Our Goal

We want to become a zero emissions company by 2050.

Showing reduction compared to 2019 reference.

Our Targets

We have developed a phased action plan with milestones to reduce our SO2 and CO2 emissions and improve our water and waste management.

Our Performance

Environmental KPI’s followed in our sustainability linked bond, more info are available under Reports within the Investor Relations section of this website.


Our employees are our greatest asset. It is crucial for us to offer them a work environment where they feel safe and can grow.

Our Goal

We work on cultivating a safe, positive, and inclusive working environment.

Our Targets

  • Zero lost time and non-lost time accidents across the Fiven group.
  • Increase representation of women to 18% by 2025.

Our Performance


We want to generate positive impact that goes beyond our own operations. Our aim is to drive meaningful change across our entire value chain.

Our Goal

We prioritize strong business ethics and strive to foster positive relationships with the communities in which we operate.

Our Targets

  • All employees trained on ethical conduct.
  • Increase our ESG performance through EcoVadis.
  • Community engagement projects in the regions we operate.

Our Performance

  • In 2023, we received for the second time the EcoVadis Silver Medal for sustainability.
  • We live by our internal value program called the “Fiven 5”.
  • In 2023, we implemented our Code of Conduct e-learning program

“In 2023, we undertook a comprehensive review of our sustainability approach, evolving it into a holistic Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy with overarching targets spanning all three pillars. This transformation underscores our commitment to driving positive change across our operations, communities, and governance practices."

Sabine Radoux
Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)