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Excellent properties for high performance in electronics


Silicon carbide is an attractive material for a wide range of electronic applications because of its specific properties such as chemical inertness at all temperatures, thermal shock resistance, abrasion resistance and sinterability. The main application of SiC powder in the electronics industry is in the manufacture of kiln furniture and process components for the semiconductor industry as well as in electrical field grading and surge protection.

Fiven offers powders with different degrees of purity and particle sizes down to the submicron range, which have been specially developed for very high density, excellent oxidation resistance, superior hardness, high strength and high thermal shock resistance.

Application Examples

Diffusion Components for use in Kilns

SiC is an excellent material for manufacturing kiln furniture such as plate setters, beams and rollers to be used in any high-temperature application.

Electrical Field Grading

AC and DC high-voltage applications such as cable endings may experience stress concentrations which can be prevented by Fiven's SiC doped with elements to achieve semiconductor properties for electric applications.

Electrical Surge and Power Protection

Fiven manufactures SiC that has the non-linearity coefficients used to suppress voltage spikes that may damage electrical and electronic equipment.