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Silicon Carbide for metallurgical applications


Silicon Carbide for Metallurgical

Metallurgical grade silicon carbide is used in iron foundries and in steel mills in the form of loose grains or briquettes:

  • As an energy booster in steel converters (LD/BOF) due to the exothermic reaction in the process.
  • As a Si- and C-alloying additive in induction and cupola furnaces for cast iron production.
  • As an inoculant in iron foundries.
  • As a deoxidizing agent in ladle furnaces and electric arc furnaces during slag treatment.

Using silicon carbide improves the overall economics of iron and steel production. SIKA® MET provides the necessary alloying elements while reducing the quantities of additives needed and the energy consumption compared to substitute materials such as ferro-silicon.

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Usage of SiC in metallurgical applications