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Excellent properties for high performance in automotive


The automotive market is a demanding industry with ever faster technical innovations and is constantly looking for materials and solutions that comply with environmental and safety regulations. Fiven offers a wide range of products whose unique combination of mechanical and chemical properties offers attractive solutions for a variety of automotive applications: Fiven is a pioneer in the development of SiC powders and finished granules and offers powders with different degrees of purity and particle sizes down to the submicron range, specially developed to ensure chemical inactivity at high temperatures, very high density, excellent oxidation resistance, superior hardness, high strength and high thermal shock resistance.

Application Examples

Bearings and Wear Parts

The extreme hardness and density of sintered SiC products SIKA® SINTEX and SIKA® DENSITEC make it suitable for parts that are subjected to high wear and sliding abrasion.

Bonded and Coated Abrasives

Silicon Carbide in the automotive industry is used for finishing and super-finishing of automobile surfaces and bodywork applications.

Brake Pads

The high heat tolerance and mechanical strength of silicon carbide make SIKA an optimal and durable material for the manufacture of brake pads.

Particulate Filters

Silicon carbide's ability to withstand high temperatures during regeneration of the filter and its low thermal expansion make SiC an excellent candidate for particulate filters.

Fluid Handling

Seal rings made from Silicon Carbide SIKA® SINTEX and DENSITEC powders show great properties for fluid handling in water pumps within a automotive vehicle.

Semiconductors for EV

SIKA e-SiC high-purity silicon carbide is suitable for crystal growing and diffusion components in the semiconductor industry. SiC semiconductors allow for longer range and faster charging of electrical vehicles.