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High Purity Silicon Carbide (SiC)

Silicon carbide (SiC) is a growing alternative to silicon based electronics components especially in wide bandgap applications. The material offers a unique combination of greater power efficiency, smaller size, lighter weight and lower overall cost of the systems.

The growing demand for high purity silicon carbide powders for the electronics and semiconductor industry has led to the development of Fiven's SIKA e-SiC material. The Fiven Group found a new method for making  high-purity silicon carbide. In a comparative study of the sublimation behavior of Fiven SIKA e-SiC powder(1) and a reference powder in 75 mm and 100 mm crystal growth setup showed that the SIKA powder exhibited a smoother morphology change, slower material consumption, and more stable shape of the growth interface. Adapting the size distribution of the SiC source material achieved enhanced growth conditions.

SIKA e-SiC is available in various sizes and can be tailored to customers' needs. Please contact us for further information and to discuss your project.

(1) Ellefsen, Oda Marie & Arzig, Matthias & Steiner, Johannes & Wellmann, Peter & Runde,. (2019). Optimization of the SiC Powder Source Material for Improved Process Conditions During PVT Growth of SiC Boules. Materials. 12. 3272. 10.3390/ma12193272. 


For more information on SIKA e-SiC® please contact us now