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Excellent properties for high performance in metallurgy


The metallurgical market is made up of the foundry and steel industries. Both industries are constantly looking for alternative raw material to improve the performance of their processes and the quality of their finished goods. The challenge is to find high-quality raw materials at a competitive price.

Fiven offers a complete range of metallurgical silicon carbide for use in the steel and foundry industries.

Metallurgical silicon carbide is a unique material offering silicon and carbon simultaneously with a low level of impurities and stable chemical composition. These elements are very important during the formulation of steel and cast iron.

Fiven supplies both industries (Steel and Foundry) with grains, briquettes, and Pellets.


Fiven produces high quality SiC briquettes and grains for the foundry and steel industry.

SIKA® Metallurgical

Application Examples

Foundry Industry

Fiven produces a high quality SiC briquette, promoting process stability in the Cupola furnace and contributes to the melt in induction furnaces.

Steel Industry

Silicon Carbide is a powerful fuel for BOF, Basic Oxygen Furnace/Linz-Donawitz-Verfahren steelmaking offering advantages in steelmaking which make it more cost-effective than Ferro Silicon.