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Excellent properties for high performance in ceramics

Technical Ceramics

Silicon carbide is an attractive material for a variety of technical ceramic applications due to its specific properties such as chemical inertness at all temperatures, thermal shock resistance, abrasion resistance and sinterability. The main applications of SiC in the technical ceramics industry are the manufacture of kiln furniture, fluid handling, bearings and wear parts as well as ballistic protection and diesel particulate filters.

Fiven offers powders with different degrees of purity and particle sizes down to the submicron range, specially developed for very high density, excellent oxidation resistance, superior hardness, high strength and high thermal shock resistance.

Seal ring for pumps produced out of silicon carbide

Find out more about our products including SIKA®  TECH which is designed for the technical ceramics market.


Application Examples

Bearings and Wear Parts

Due to the extreme hardness and density of sintered SiC, it is suitable for parts with high wear and sliding abrasion. SiC sintered parts offer exceptionally high strength and creep resistance.

Fluid Handling

Industrial seal rings made of silicon carbide offer impressive performances. SIKA Sintex and Densitec powders are ideal for the production of very hard parts with high corrosion, erosion and abrasion resistance as well as high thermal conductivity.

Kiln Furniture

Due to its high temperature resistance and its high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion, silicon carbide is suitable for the manufacture of kiln furniture such as platesetters, beams and rollers.