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Excellent properties for high performance in defense and security

Defense & Security

The growing number of conflicts around the world and violence in general has led to an increase in requests for ballistic protection for the military, law enforcement agencies and armored vehicles. The main challenge is to provide them with effective and lightweight protection. 

Silicon carbide is very well known as an effective material in armor protection.

As a material, SiC is:

  • extremely hard
  • mechanically strong
  • lightweight

These combined properties make SiC a favored material for the Armor market, especially its lightness, since it limits the impact of armor’s weight on user performance (mobility and fuel consumption). 

Ceramic components can be densified by various forming techniques including hot pressing, dry pressing and slip casting. Sintering is then carried out to achieve the material’s unique properties. Typical components made from SiC are plates for body armor and tiles for vehicle protection.  

Tailor-made products

Fiven offers tailor-made products for armor applications. Our R&D experts are able to develop unique powder formulations and processing routes in our laboratories. Close collaboration between R&D and production teams ensure a unique capacity to satisfy even the most stringent customer requests.



Boron Carbide (B4C)

Fiven offers boron carbide in different particle sizes down to submicron and the material is also available as a composite mixes with SiC in various ratios.

Boron Carbide (B4C)

Application Examples

Body Armor

Silicon carbide is used in Body Armor to ensure performance and lightweight solutions. It outperforms alumina and boron carbide for heavy protection.

Vehicle Armor

Silicon carbide is used in Vehicle Armor to ensure performance and lightweight solutions. For example SiC ensures mobility and lower fuel consumption for Rapid Effect Systems deployed by air.