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Excellent properties for high performance in energy


The ever-increasing demand for energy threatens the sustainability of industrial activities and our way of life, while the increasing consumption of goods generates more waste and the need for effective disposal.

Fiven's commitment to sustainable development has led to the development of tailor-made silicon carbide grains to promote new and more environmentally friendly energy generation technologies, efficient industrial processes and measures to promote sustainable waste processing.

The unique properties of silicon carbide - including high thermal conductivity, excellent hardness, high thermal shock resistance, good oxidation resistance and excellent chemical inertness - have ensured the successful use of these products in power generation around the world.

Application Examples

High Technology Energy Systems

Fiven silicon carbide grains are used in the electronics, photovoltaic, energy-efficiency sectors and in many emerging technology applications.


Fiven is helping the incinerator industry to overcome the challenges in recycling and/or disposal of by-products and various types of waste from both domestic and industrial sources.

Power Plant

Energy generation depends on power plants running efficiently and Fiven offers effective solutions including High Grade HG, SIKA REF I 98% HG products which out-perform conventional grains.