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Management & Board

Board of Directors

The board of directors consists of four (4) members which have been elected by the general meeting. The board of directors and the senior management can be contacted through Fiven headquarters at Apotekergata 10, 0180 Oslo, Norway. Further information on the members of the board of directors and the senior management is set forth below.

Falk Ast

Chairman of the board since 2019.

FH Köln, Germany, Degree (Dipl-Ing.) in Industrial Engineering.

Current commitments:         

  • President of the Board of Fiven Norge AS
  • Legal representative of Matériaux Céramiques S.A
  • Legal representative of Fiven GmbH

Pål Einar Runde

Member of the board since 2019.

Master Degree in Physics, NTH (Norwegian Technical University), Trondheim, Norway.

Current commitments:

  • Chief Research Officer of Fiven ASA
  • Member of the Board Fiven ASA

Betty Lunøe Åsheim

Member of the board since 2019.

MBA from Agder University in Computer and Engineering.

Current commitments:

  • Chief Commercial Officer of Fiven ASA
  • Member of the Board Fiven ASA

Helén Borchgrevink

Member of the board since 2020.

MBA from Budapest University of Economic Sciences.

Current commitments:

  • Member of the Board of Fiven ASA

Board and Management Biographies

The Executive Management consists of a team of four (4) persons. Stein Erik Ommundsen (Chief Financial Officer and General Manager Fiven ASA), Pål Runde (Research and Development Director), Betty Åsheim (Sales and Marketing Director) and Fernando Miquel Peraire (Chief Operating Officer).

Falk Ast

Chairman of the Board Fiven ASA

Falk Ast is the Chairman of the Board Fiven ASA. Prior to the acquisition, he served as Vice President of Saint-Gobain's silicon carbide business since 2018. From 2010 – 2018, he worked as Managing Director of Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials GmbH. Falk worked 30 years for Saint-Gobain in different Management positions and businesses. 17 years in the automotive-glass business as Plant Manager and General Manager, 13 years in the Ceramic Division as Business Manager, Sales Director and Vice President.

Falk holds the title of Industrial Engineer.

Falk Ast

Pål Runde

CRO Fiven Group

Paal Runde

Pål Runde was appointed R&D Director of Saint-Gobain's silicon carbide business in August 2011 and serves in the same position at the Fiven Group since its spin-off by OpenGate Capital in May 2019. From July 2019 to March 2020 he has also been responsible for the production plants in Norway, holding the position of General Manager.

When Pål joined as a R&D Director he had 20 years of experience in materials science and metallurgy, including 11 years in Elkem, working on corporate R&D projects in Norway and in the US. 

Pål holds a Master's degree in Physics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Betty Lunøe Åsheim

CCO Fiven Group

Betty Lunøe Åsheim was appointed Chief Commercial Officer in May 2018. Before she held the position of EHS Director for the Saint-Gobain Silicon Carbide & Quartz business. She has a vast experience leading in different technical and business roles in international companies such as Ericsson, Redcord and Saint-Gobain.

Betty Åsheim holds a Master of Management from BI Norwegian Business School as well as an Engineering Degree (Computer) from University of Agder.

Betty Aasheim

Stein Erik Ommundsen

CFO Fiven Group and General Manager Fiven ASA

Stein Erik Ommundsen

Stein Erik Ommundsen joined Fiven as CFO in September 2019, and since January 2020 he is also the General Manager of Fiven ASA. He is an internationally experienced CFO with more than 25 years in multinational companies and 7,5 years in overseas assignments. He has extensive expertise from Financing, M&A, Treasury, IT projects and compliance. His track record includes successful launch of growth initiatives and transformation activities.

He holds a Business/Finance Degree and Master of International Business (MIB) from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). Ommundsen began his career at EB (now ABB Norway AS) and has held several senior positions in international companies such as Rolls-Royce, Nammo and Alcatel Lucent.

Fernando Miquel Peraire

COO Fiven Group

Fernando joined Fiven as COO in May 2020. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in the chemical industry, mainly in operations management in the areas of composite polymers, pulp & paper, and water treatment. During his career, Fernando managed several production facilities in Europe and India. He is known for driving performance in the areas of environment, health and safety, productivity, continuous improvement, quality and capital expenditures.

Fernando holds a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Barcelona.

Helén Borchgrevink

Member of the Board of Fiven ASA

Helén Borchgrevink is a Management Consultant, Coach and Advisor in Helén Borchgrevink AS. She has extensive leadership and financial management experience from a diverse portfolio of companies covering several industries and the service sector. Helén was the interim CFO for Fiven Group responsible for setting up the headquarter in Oslo and make the new group autonomous after the carve-out from Saint-Gobain. She also had two previous engagements as Member of the Board of two Norwegian companies. Helén was elected as Member of the Board for Fiven ASA in December 2020.

Helén holds a Business/Finance Degree from Oslo Handelshøyskole.

Extended Management

Sabine Radoux

HSE Director Worldwide

Sabine Radoux was appointed HSE Director Worldwide in October 2018. Previously, she was Plant Manager for Fiven’s silicon carbide factory in Belgium for many years and jointly to this role held some commercial positions. Sabine Radoux also held several financial positions within the Saint-Gobain Group.

She holds a Master's degree in Finance, Banking and Insurance from the University of Liège. She started her career at PwC in 1997.

Sabine Radoux

Thiago Barros

General Manager Brazil & Sales Director Americas

Thiago Barros has been appointed as General Manager for Brazil in August 2020. Since January 2016, he manages the sales department in the Americas as Sales Director, position that he will continue to accumulate.

Thiago joined Saint-Gobain Group in 2005 holding different positions in the sales department in South and North America.

He holds an engineering degree in the field of Production Engineering at Escola de Minas from the Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto. He also has a specialization on Metallurgy Engineering by FEI / ABM in São Paulo and an MBA on Sales Excellence by FIA (in-company).

Atanas Chapkov

General Manager Norway

Atanas Chapkov has been appointed General Manager for Norway in April 2020. From October 2018 until March 2020 he managed the Fiven activities in Belgium.

Prior to that he held several strategic positions in Saint-Gobain's silicon carbide business. From 2015 – 2018, while being based in Norway, he worked as a Business Manager for technical SiC.  From 2011 – 2014, during his tenure as a process manager, he led successfully technical best practice transfer between all plants worldwide and achieved significant process cost optimizations.

After completing his master's degree in engineering at INSA de Lyon, Atanas finished his PhD studies in collaboration with Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Imperial College, London and the University of Twente, Enschede. He is a distinguished researcher who holds two patents in the field of exhaust aftertreatment technology.

Atanas Chapkov

Isabelle Bouteille

General Manager Belgium

Isabelle Bouteille was appointed General Manager for Fiven Belgium in April 2020. Previously, she held various positions in finance and purchasing within the Saint-Gobain Group and other industrial companies.

Isabelle Bouteille holds a master's degree in finance from the University of Liège.