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Learn more about Fiven's silicon carbide products, applications and processes

We shape industries

As worldwide leader in the production of silicon carbide grains and powders, Fiven is dedicated to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for the current and future industries. We pride ourselves on maintaining long-term, trust-based relationships with a diverse range of customers who are leaders in their respective industries around the world.

About our products


Silicon carbide at Fiven – No material loss during production

Silicon carbide is a valuable synthetic mineral that is essential to many industries. Therefore, Fiven rigorously pursues the goal of zero waste…

Foam glass gravel: maximizing recycled glass with silicon carbide technology

Foam glass gravel is an innovative construction material that is lightweight, insulating, and made from recycled glass. Unlike normal gravel that is…

How to find the ideal silicon carbide powder for your technical ceramics application

Discover the key factors to consider when selecting the right silicon carbide product for your needs, from raw material preparation to firing and…


18.09. – 19.09.2024

ICR - International Colloquium on Refractories

Aachen, Germany

16.10. – 18.10.2024

Fundi Expo

Booth #1219
Mexico City, Mexico


Technical Ceramics - SIKA® TECH

Fiven has pioneered the development of SIKA® TECH, SiC powders and ready-to-press granules, used for the production of technical ceramics and composite materials.

Tailor Made Products

Developing special, tailor-made silicon carbide powders together with our customers makes up a significant portion of the ongoing effort in the global innovation teams.

Metallurgical - SIKA® MET

Metallurgical grade Silicon Carbide, SIKA® MET, is used in iron foundries and steel mills for reducing both additives and energy consumption.

Refractory - SIKA® REF

SIKA® REF is ideal for refractory applications offering properties such as chemical inertness at high temperatures, high resistance to abrasion and to thermal shock.

Abrasives - SIKA® ABR

SIKA® ABR is used as a loose or fixed-abrasive ceramic material with outstanding hardness, high abrasion resistance and is used in many industrial applications.

Boron Carbide - Fiven B4C

Boron carbide (B4C) is a material with unique properties that make it useful in a variety of applications. It is very hard and durable, making it a preferred choice for use in diverse industrial, military, and defense applications.

Certified, Compliant and Awarded

Our Six Key Values

Our goals for our products and services are to improve the performance of our clients' products, increase the efficiency of their manufacturing processes, and extend the lifespan of their equipment. We plan to achieve these goals through our 'Six Key Values'.

Icon - EHS

Commitment to Environment, Health and Safety

No matter where we produce, we always apply the same high standards to ensure safe and healthy working conditions with the least impact on our environment.

Icon - Reliability of Supply

Reliability of Supply

Finding and qualifying the right supplier can be costly. With Fiven, our customers have a reliable source that has been in the market for years. As the biggest producer of silicon carbide, we can meet large or sudden demands

Icon - Quality

Consistency of Quality

We know that the success of our customers’ products depends on high-quality resources. Therefore, we take several measures to make sure each shipment fits their specifications.

Icon - Innovation

Innovation in conjunction with our customers (co-development)

We will develop a tailor-made solution together with our customers. It allows them to optimize their raw material to reach maximum performance.

Icon - Confidentiality

Respect of confidentiality for each customer

Working closely together makes trust crucial. We want our customers to feel comfortable sharing their information with us. Their information is safe, and we will not disclose it with other businesses outside the Fiven Group.

Icon - Local Presence

Local presence combined with worldwide excellence standards

We stand by and support our customers that are producing around the world, and as they look to expand their business to other countries.