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Fiven offers milling, grinding and packaging services for many kinds of materials

Toll processing in Belgium

Fiven offers toll processing services such as milling, grinding, sieving and classifying, and packaging in its Belgium plant located near Liege.

Fiven in Belgium provides equipment, facilities and manpower for complete custom powder processing, including crushing, custom grinding, custom sizing and magnetic iron removal. We are able to grind granular powders down to 150 microns, and blend powders of various sizes. We can also dose, mix and classify materials according to your needs.

All contract processing performed in our ISO 9001:2008 facility is fully documented and controlled by our team of materials engineers. Batches and blended powders can be stored at our facility as needed, or we can offer various shipping options, including direct or third-party shipping.

ISO Certifications:

Our in-house laboratory offers analytical testing capabilities for various powder properties including moisture content, size distribution, contamination level, pH and magnetic values. We provide a certificate of analysis for all tests at the customer's request. Please contact us to discuss your technical requirements.

You have a project and are looking for a solution?

Our experienced team in Belgium is happy to help with your request. Please get in touch with us:

Fiven Belgium

Phone: +32 4 383 98 20
e-mail: [email protected]

Available equipment and processes

Crushing and milling equipment

18 independant installations with crushing capabilities down to 150 micron


  • Ball mill
  • Roll mill
  • Cone crusher
  • Impact crusher
  • Mac mill

Other process equipment

  • Magnetic Iron removal / magnetic separator
  • Dedusting
  • Dryer

Mixing and sieving equipment

  • 2 mixing installations; possibility to mix up to 3 different products
  • Rotex and Allgaier sieves

Packaging and loading

  • Packaging into BigBags of 500kg, 1000 kg or 1500kg.
  • Automatic packing line into 25kg Paper Bags
  • Possibility to load into loose container
  • Controled scales
  • Possibility to load and unload containers

Quality assurance

Isolated installations resulting in no contamination during lab tests

  • PSD – Particle Size Distribution
  • Chemistry / Composition
  • Grain Shape
  • Surface Properties
  • Thermal and Electrical Properties
  • Density and Flow

Toll processing offers many advantages

Working with us on toll milling, grinding, and packaging offers additional benefits to your company.

Avoiding unnecessary capital tie-up

Avoid tying up your capital in equipment that is not important to your business strategy or that you cannot yet commit to buying.

Flexibility and predictable risk during the market launch of new products

At the beginning of a market entry, it is not always easy to predict demand. With toll processing, you have the option to scale up or down with actual demand.

Planning reliability for your decision-making processes

Having a reliable partner gives you assurance in your planning process.

Cover for temporary capacity shortages

Sometimes you get caught out by sudden spikes in demand or the unpredictable failure of some of your equipment. With toll processing, you can cover sudden capacity shortages to keep your promises to your customers.

Support in product development

Fiven has decades of experience in crushing, grinding and screening. We are always at your side for your product development.

Request for quotation

Please specify your project as detailed as possible to quickly receive feedback from our teams in Belgium.

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